Spirit Nights

Raise Money for Your Organization

Chick-fil-A Centreport offers a fantastic opportunity to raise money for your organization.

Sign up your organization for a Spirit Night and we will donate a percentage of the sales you generate to your organization.*

We currently offer Spirit Nights Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Evenings.

If you are interested fill out a request below!

*Spirit Night must be mentioned to get sales percentage

Spirit Night Request

Our guests are very important to us and deserve a dining experience free from solicitation. For this reason, at NO time during the Spirit Night is soliciting (passing out flyers, etc.) allowed on property. All advertising for the Spirit Night must take place in advance and off-site. Each guest must tell the cashier that they are here for the Spirit Night and their purchase will be added into the total. Chick-fil-A Centreport holds the right to terminate a Spirit Night at any time if solicitation is done on Chick-fil-A property. Only sales related to your Spirit Night purchased during the set Spirit Night timeframe will count towards your total. You will receive 15% of the sales indicated by your Spirit Night supporters and, as it always the case at Chick-fil-A, the safety and security of the children are not the responsibility of the Chick-fil-A employees. Whether eating or in the Playplace, child supervision is required at all times. One week advanced notice is required for all cancellations. If your group does not show up, cancels with less than a week's notice, or violates any of the above conditions, your group will be prohibited from hosting another Spirit Night Fundraiser for a minimum of 1 year. *